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Q: Your price seems reasonable but I've gotten a cheaper price. Why should I choose The Original Chimney Sweep Inc.?

A: If you choose a company based on pricing only, then you may be putting your family's safety and your home at risk. Every year when the new directories come out, there are always 1 or 2 new companies that seem to come or go out of business.

We can't compete with companies that operate out of a pickup truck with a couple of ladders and some brushes claiming to be a chimney sweep. We can't compete with a company that will come and go every couple of years because they need to change names to avoid lawsuits, such as warranty issues or lack of insurance. We are a legitimate company that is licensed, has property liability insurance and workers' compensation insurance. Our technicians regularly attend technology, code courses and exams.

We hope to have you for a customer for life and quality work is more important than a onetime service to never be seen again.

Q: How do I ensure that my chimney is safe?

A: By having your chimney inspected and/or cleaned yearly, that is your best chance of keeping your chimney safe and running efficiently.

Q: Why is my chimney flaking at the top?

A: With normal weather like rain and wind, your crown of the chimney tends to flake. During your yearly inspection, we can find this problem and catch it early by doing a repair called a crown wash repair or a crown overlay. This protects your chimney, insures to keep your rain caps secure and keeps your chimney secure for safe regular use.
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We ALWAYS INCLUDE a 20-point safety inspection also known as a Level I inspection, required by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)