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Smoketite Chamber Sealing

INTRODUCING our latest service!
SMOKETITE Chamber sealing!
Smoketite is a new highly insulative ceramic product that is sprayed on smoke chambers sealing holes and gaps creating a coating that is impervious to acids, vapors and water and it’s good to 2291 degrees fahrenheit! Smoketite was introduced to chimney professionals in summer of 2002 and is now being used by 100’s of chimney professionals across the country.

The smoketite system is not only easier than other options, but it also lightweight and portable enough to be on every sweep service truck. Smoketite can be used to seal, smooth and insulate the smoke chamber without removing the damper frame or brickwork. This is especially helpful for techs installing ss linings and fireplaces because the smoketite allows them to seal the bottom termination and the complete smoke chamber in one simple operation. And Is a lifetime guarantee on the product.
We ALWAYS INCLUDE a 20-point safety inspection also known as a Level I inspection, required by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)